Anne Lemon

Strategic Communications Professional

This site provides a sense of my work, including direct mail, email, campaign themes, donor profiles, web copy and campaign collateral.


Anne Lemon





My favorite thing to think about is what the reader is thinking.



I'm a writer, a strategist and a creative thinker.

Through years of experience as a communications professional, I’ve learned how to listen carefully to my clients and customer-facing partners. Sometimes I feel like a therapist because I’m able to hear the needs, wants and challenges behind their initial requests. As I work with clients and partners to craft individual pieces and entire strategies to accomplish their goals, they come to see their problems more clearly and understand their customers better.

But I don’t just deliver a good feeling. I’m all about results.  

I get a charge out of writing pieces that move people to action. I think daily about how all the elements of a campaign—websites, emails, print materials and live interactions—create the total experience customers have with an organization.

I recently joined the Prototype Advertising team in Forest, Virginia. As a senior copywriter with Prototype, I am bringing shape to client campaigns in varied industries ranging from tourism to manufacturing and everything in between.

Prior to joining Prototype I spent ten years at Washington and Lee University, an elite liberal arts college in Virginia, where my work was integral in driving fundraising results for a $542 million campaign. I also helped create the total customer experience, which one top donor described this way:

“W&L meets its supporters with genuine gratitude and a shared commitment to common goals. It makes for the best of philanthropic experiences.”

In 2014 and 2015 I served as lead copywriter for two captivating and addictive 24-hour giving challenges at W&L. During both challenges donors took up the cause on social media. (My favorite post, in the final ten minutes: “I hope I am not the only one hitting refresh every few minutes to see the donor count.”) Both campaigns raised in excess of $1 million from 4,700+ donors.

Prior to my time at W&L I was respected for my work helping nonprofit organizations develop programs and win funding through competitive grants. My work was responsible for over $2 million in grant awards, and I was described by the president of Total Action for Progress, my former employer, as “one of the most talented people who has ever worked at TAP.”

Please enjoy my sample work and reach out to me if you need a communications professional who brings creativity, strategy, and a results-oriented drive.